31 gennaio 2019

Alba on stage!

A custom edition of our lounge chair Alba - L, covered with an elegant terracotta-shaded velvet that beautifully highlights its welcoming shape, is the protagonist of a temporary scenography imagined by Italian designer Gian Paolo Venier (art director of Airnova) for the Parisian showroom Zanutta France [see also Italian style pop-up showroom].

Inspired by the city of Venice, the ephemeral scenography - which will stay on until April 8th 2019 - plays with the patterns and the colours traditionally associated with the capital of the Veneto region and highlights the know-how of six Italian companies, among which is Airnova, chosen for its masterful craftsmanship of furniture pieces.

As a real theatre scene, the scenography is composed of a square platform on which a series of architectural and furniture elements interact, conveying an evocative portrait of Venice. With its rounded silhouette and comfortable look, our upholstered lounge chair Alba - L highlights Airnova's know-how in the production of refined furniture pieces for the residential and hospitality worlds.

At Airnova's we are delighted to be part of such an exciting project and invite you to visit the installation at 57 Rue de Bourgogne, Paris.

[pictures by Olivier Lacrouts]