AIRNOVA: QUALITY craftsmanship, innovation, attention to detail

Highest standards of excellence in the residential and contract market, steady research in new technologies for the production process, the keys to a custom-made product entirely made ​​in Italy


An artisan company specializing in the manufacturing of leather and metal seating for furniture: this is Airnova. Here innovation passes through experimentation of a stitching, the care of the cut and the proposed colours. This is all done in order to obtain an all-Italian quality product, also suitable for the international market. This market has been awarding our company for some time because we are able to guarantee the best service in terms of quality, delivery and service.


Not even hiding its young age, Airnova guides its creative activity with peerless knowledge and enthusiasm. Designoriented collections, specialization in customer-tailored projects, from “contracts” to residential, lightness, contemporaneity and quality excellence are the distinctions traits which identify the products. The attention to design, the expertise and the craft made skills represent the logic, the philosophy and the aesthetics of the company.


Combinations of textures and materials that make up a range of proposals from which designers and architects can find ideas to express their creativity and suggest to their clients a customized product that represents, characterizes, and becomes an integral part of them. Dynamic and inventive, a combination that offers quality products to the market, that are environmentally friendly , innovative and surprisingly suitable for both residential and public contract projects. Several proposals with the same common denominator: added value for furnishing and coverings “made in Italy” by AIRNOVA.



Airnova has always known how to consolidate and increase its creative and qualitative value with the proposal of an authentic and innovative style, that arises from a multitude of products connected to contemporary culture and the consistency of a global project. Collaborations between AirLab and designers foster a process of continuous development and innovation.




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Tunis: it is at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea that has always been the ambition and crossroads of cultures and different peoples. It stretches out towards Europe, but its spirit belongs to Africa: a melting pot in a strategic geographic position. A bridge to the future. These characteristics have made Tunis the privileged objective of some important Arabic investments, transforming the city into an open-air building site. And here, in fact starting in 2008, the Arabic company SAMA DUBAI prepared the ground for a new ambitious building project worth 15 billion dollars: "Tunis Future City". A new city of 850 hectares, designed for half a million inhabitants, 2,500 commercial businesses and 15,000 jobs. An important undertaking that should be a stimulus, in a special way, to an aspect of tourism and fitness, important parts of the Tunisian economy. Tunis Future City is a farsighted project where nothing can be left to chance: to carry out this ambitious development plan that will change the image of Tunisia, SAMA DUBAI has decided to work with some Italian companies, among them AIRNOVA. At the forefront, elegance, enthusiasm for detail: these are the parameters of the Med Gae Center. The ARKA swivel armchairs, chosen for furnishing it, reflect well the sophisticated aesthetic taste that is its characteristic. There were two concepts that inspired the designer Loris Favero to create Arka: refinement and exclusivity. Asymmetric seats and backs, covered in prestigious leather, come together to form a fascinating outline. The two frames are connected by visible steel junctions, which give them a distinctive and contemporary style. The armchair swivels, properly stood on its square base of chromed steel. Arka: synthesis of Arabic luxury exclusively Made in Italy.


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